Vii and Lirin are graduating…but Kureya will be back soon!

April 10, 2011 at 1:15 pm | Posted in Announcements | Leave a comment

Dear readers,

We are so sorry for this unexpected hiatus. Lirin is graduating from college this semester, and Yaviiniia is graduating from high school. We managed to keep juggling all our balls in the air for an impressively long time, but a couple weeks ago they started all tumbling down around us and we’ve had to set a couple things aside to keep our grades from suffering.

Don’t worry, Knitting Knights is definitely not dead. Vii has the next several skeins scripted and is looking forward to putting them up; she just hasn’t had enough time to draw lately. Either Skein 3 or Lirin’s guest skein will show up sometime in May hopefully, when all the craziness around here dies down.

We love all our readers and hope you’ll stick around. See you soon!


Lirin and Yaviiniia, for Cassie, Derek, Erika, Lana, Ulden & Co.

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